Shipping and returns

Your shipping packaging

The ordered protective films are shipped directly to you from the manufacturer perfectly protected from damage. The shipping packaging is connected to the dual system. The manufacturer and we pay attention to sustainability by using recyclable shipping packaging made of paper and cardboard.

Shipping costs

Shipping costs include postage and packaging costs, as well as internal handling costs. The costs depend on the total weight, the value of the goods and the destination country. We always try to negotiate the most favorable shipping costs for you with our shipping service providers. Please understand that we as a mail order company, or manufacturer on the direct postage costs, for example, the German Post/DHL have no influence.The shipping costs will be shown to you exactly before the final decision of the purchase contract

Taking back the shipping packaging

You can dispose of the shipping packaging without hesitation at any paper recycling station (paper garbage can) environmentally friendly. There will be no further costs for you. Please dispose of any other packaging materia, usually PET plastic,l with certified recyling partners in your country.

Certificate for prepaid recycling