Shipping costs national and international

Important information

The prices are valid for one film of the respective maximum size. The respective costs for more than one film result from the size and the value of the goods. The actual shipping costs will be calculated dynamically and communicated to you before the purchase. Shipping costs include packaging costs and delivery to a delivery address you specify. Please refer to the table below.

No shipping costs

For orders over 100 EUR we ship free of charge!

Shipping costs per foil of the respective size

Size of screen protector

Shipping cost within Germany

Shipping cost within EU

Shipping cost Non-EU

up to 6 inch 1,35 EUR 2,50 EUR 3,50 EUR
up to10 inch 2,60 EUR 4,95 EUR  6,50 EUR 
up to 15 inch 2,60 EUR 4,95 EUR  6,50 EUR 
up to 17 inch  4,95 EUR 12,90 EUR  19,90 EUR 
up to 27 inch 4,95 EUR   12,90 EUR  23,90 EUR 
up to 55 inch 4,95 EUR  12,90 EUR  30,90 EUR